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ranting (i do that alot on here apparently)

Why is it that being a “nice girl” is like the unpopular thing anymore? Almost all the girls i know (in real life) are really shady and will just sleep with anyone to get attention or to feel validated. Or, they will like post basically naked pictures of themself online so guys they dont even know will tell them theyre hot. bleck. maybe its just cause im super shy, but i could never act like that. I would never mess around with someone til i knew them for a super long time. I never thought of myself as uptight or anything but compared to like all the girls i know im basically a nun, and thats fine with me. This is why i dont get along with many girls other than basically Julie. This is also another reason im convinced i belong in the early 70s. These kinda girls werent everywhere. they existed sure, but not every 5feet. I dont want a boyfriend at all right now but when i do, id be happy just to hang out at shows and watch monty python or doctor who with the guy just being dorks. why does everything have to be so gross and dirty with these girls.

ok im done =D


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    What ever happened to being a lady?
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